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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Travel Gear Check List

Essential gear check list

  1. Gear check list for Trekking
  2. Gear check list for Bike Touring

Whether our travels are planned or un planned one of the biggest challenges faced by travelers is in identifying what to take and what not to take.

More often than not we start our journey only to realize we have forgotten some critical item, omission of which creates a dampness or can sometimes even lead to serious hardships during the trip.

Based on my experienced in trekking as well as biking, I have compiled a quick reference list which acts as a check list whenever I am getting ready for a journey.

Feel free to use the list as a reference to plan your trips, however keep in mind that the below list is not the be all and end all. You would need to either add of remove items based on the nature of your trip and your own personal requirements 

1. Gear check list for Trekking

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2. Gear check list for Bike Touring
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Above image courtesy Trek the Himalayas

One of my old Bike touring gear list based on the comprehensive list shared by Praveen M 

Map book
Lonely planet book
Tissue papers
Copies of permits.
Camera charger
Phone charger
phone data cable
Spare helmet visor
cotton pack
Insulation tape
Multiplug socket
3 pin to 2 pin converter socket
Small medicine kit
LED torch
spare torch batteries
nail cutter
2 pens
Liquid Mosquito Repellent.
1 small towel

Left Saddle bag:
Electric air pump
Spare tube
Duck tape
Puncture Kit:
Rod Livers to pull out the tire
Rubber patches
Gum to stick patches to the tube
Bausch tool kit
Puncture sealant
WD40 lubricant
Spare Thicker gloves
One set thermals
Neck support
A set of casual dress
Rain suit

Right Saddle bag::
Water heater rod
Camera tripod

Spanner set
Rain boot cover
Bike Spares:
clutch and front break livers
Clutch and accelerator cables
Chain tensioner
Gear liver
Disk pads 2
Bulbs 2

Back pack on rear seat:
2 Jeans
3 T shirt
3 pairs of sox
1 big towel
1 bermuda
1 pair of slippers
1 tracks suit
Electric Heating pad
Zip tie strips
Spare bike keys
The back pack strapped by a bungee net
Same net holds two water bottles
Plastic cover over the above
Another bungee net to secure the plastic cover

Stuff in Medicine kit:
Band aids all sizes
Tabs for Cold, Antibiotics, Loose motion, Headache, fever, body pain, AMS, Acidity, vomiting
Antacid tabs and Lorenzes
tiger Balm
Moov Pain relief spray
Vicks vaporub
Pain relief gel
ORS satchets
Glucose powder packet

Stuff in Toiletries:
Shampoo sachets
Small hair oil bottle
small Talcum power
Moisturizing cream
SPF sun block

What to wear
T shirt

Thick ankle high woodland shoes
Knee pads
Motorcycle jacket
Riding gloves
Cell Phone with headphones in shirt pocket along with spare cash

Lip balm, pen drive, coins
Left knee pocket : Documents for easy access
Passport, Bike RC book, Insurance, Driving/Riding License,
Photographs, permits.
Right Knee pocket: miscellaneous.

Add On : Survival Blanket

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