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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Working notes Bhutan trip

 Procedure for obtaining permits for Bhutan

Bhutan permits for indians: go to the immigration office. It is situated on the right side of the road next to the petrol pump after you enter though the gate. Go to the permit section on the first floor. Take the form and fill it. Attach an id proof and 1 photo. Pan card n license not considered valid id proof. You can use a voter id card or passport. Submit it at the counter. They wil click a digital pic for permit. You will get the permit after few hours depending on how many pending applications before you. So make sure you submit the form by afternoon so that you get the permit by evening. Office is open from 10 to 4. This permit will be for thimphu and paro only. For further you'll have to get this extended from thimphu. For the vehicle permit, go to the road safety and transport office rsta. There give an application in the licensing section on first floor. Along with the application give the xerox copies of your license, RC, insurance and the immigration permit. Then you need to pay the fee (we paid Rs.50 per vehicle) in the accounts section and attach the receipt. Then the guy will make the permits which will be signed by the officer. Road permits are issued for 1 week only and have to be extended from Thimphu. Timing for permits are 9-11 and 2-4 and they are pretty strict about the timings. All office close at 4.

Vehicle Permit

Got up early got every thing packed and had breakfast and bang at the RSTA office by 9AM. But its not going to be easy. Takes like 1.5 hours to get the permit! This was the process:

Go to the second floor License office
Sent down to get blank sheet and write application for permit. No form here.
Go to the second floor License office
Was told to get is attested with the RTO officer in charge
Takes 45 mins to get the audience as he was busy!
Again go the License officer,
Told to got the Accounts section to pay 50 bux - The person not there after 5 mins comes sipping a hot cup of coffee
Then i take the receipt to License officer who signs it
Now i was told to meet the receptionist to prepare the permit
She tell its not her work
Go back to License officer, who accompanies and reprimands the lady to prepare it.
She prepares it being really disturbed. Now it has to be signed
was told to get the sing from the RTO officer! Man not the busy him again running out of time for office closure
Luckily the lady comes and tell me to meet the RLO officer instead.
He says its not his job and only when the RTO office is on leave
Tell him that he is very busy and RLO officer signs the Permit
Take it to the Receptionist lady
Sent down to get the photocopy of the same
Go back to Receptionist in second floor
Who now hands me the permit!

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